May 24

Enjoying Good Food Out is a Pleasure

Here is a Liberties Restaurant post about why we feel that enjoying food (especially GOOD food) is such a pleasure. Well, it’s not just about whether or not something simply TASTES good. It’s a multi-sensory experience. And, atmosphere is part of that experience. For example, have you ever thought that having a juicy burger and fries or an excellent pizza might seem like it tastes better in the restaurant?

That was something that I wondered about, and then it occurred to me that while, sure, I can barbeque a burger as well as anyone else at home, or I can just bring that same excellent pizza home and eat it just as easily at home as at the restaurant, there was just a little “something” missing. What could it be?

Then, I realized that it was the entire restaurant experience that can make or break the enjoyment of the meal.

Taking the burger and fries example: If I’m at a fun pub where there’s good music playing, and the booth is roomy and there are a lot of people having fun, it totally adds to my overall enjoyment.

The same is true with the pizza. I realized that I love the smells of an Italian restaurant or pizzeria, and if they’re playing Italian music, and I’m sitting at a table covered with a red-checkered cloth and the atmosphere is warm, well, I’m having a great time! It’s just not the same at home.

So, if you sometimes think that it’s not worth the extra couple of bucks to sit down and enjoy your meal at the restaurant, please give it a try. I think you might find that it’s a relaxing treat to give yourself.